I am Clang. Welcome!

I love nature's raw materials

Jewellery especially for you

I'll design and make that very special piece of jewellery for you

I'm here for those special moments

Weddings, children, retirement…

…or just because

I'll do your flowers, too

With my mate Jane, we are Lush & Lang, fabulous flowers for special occasions

Who am I

“I’ve been making jewellery all my life, and continue to fulfill personal commissions ranging from engagement and wedding rings through broaches and cuff links to enamel boxes.

“I am based in Ryedale in North Yorkshire, about 25 miles north of York, although my clients come from around the world. I am married with one son at University and we hang out with our weird dog and lazy cat.

“I also carry a small range of costume jewellery which changes depending on the seasons.

“Jewellery tends to be an autumn and winter occupation. During spring and summer I do flowers. With my friend Jane Lush we run Lush & Lang – Fabulous flowers for special occasions. See my flowers page and the Lush and Lang website.”

My clients loved these pieces of jewellery…

Most of my jewellery is specially commissioned; other pieces I make for my own enjoyment.


This is a very special engagement ring  made for a client who wanted to use the stone from her grand mother’s engagement ring. I sourced the two additional diamonds and set the stone in a platinum shank


This wonderful necklace was commissioned by a client who inherited the stones from her uncle in South Africa.  We spent a lot of time considering how they could be set to match her own profile (she was tall and thin) and came up with the idea of this pendant necklace, set in gold and hung from a gold chain.


I made these because I loved this wonderful example of nature’s patterns. I carved the shape in wax and had moulds made, from which I can cast as many as I want in silver or gold. Simple and effective, and very popular!


Enamels were very popular in the ‘80s. Everyone wanted their horse or dog or house on an enamel box. Then they went out of fashion, but seem to be returning. I made this box for my client to give to her son on his 21st.

With my partner Jane, we provide wild and spectacular flower arrangements for special occasions

We like to take nature’s best and enhance it, not petrify it


Weddings are hard work and really rewarding, especially when given free rein to be as creative as possible


We been asked to provide flowers for many churches, usually for weddings. They provide a wonderful platform for our creativity. We love turning a cold stone building into a place of warmth and colour

Bouquets and buttonholes

In days of old bouquets were given to the bride to hide the bump (grooms liked to confirm their prospective bride’s fertility before getting to the altar). Now they are the icing on the cake of the bride’s dress. We have to be sensitive to many factors when creating bouquets and we have made small ones, large ones, monocoloured ones, multi-coloured ones; in short, bouquets of every kind.

Table decorations

Table decorations do so much for a party and they have to mirror the theme of the party or wedding, as well fit into the whole table layout without being so large they overcrowd the table or so small they are ineffective.


Sad occasions, and flowers can do much to help the mourners say farewell. A time to be sympathetic and specific

Our helpers

My cat and dog, lending assistance when necessary!

Get in touch…

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Visit me at Newburgh Priory

I am exhibiting at the Newburgh Priory, Coxwold,  Christmas Fair on 3 and 4 December 2015.

I'll have a wide selection of jewellery for your Christmas presents, so come and find me!


Friends for Arts Sake

Friends for Arts Sake is an invitation only Christmas Fair organised by local Ryedale Artists on 11 and 12 November near Kirkbymoorside.

Use the contact form left to get in touch if you would like to come along.